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access control system

Faced with increased security risks, big data and greater bottom line responsibilities, today’s building manager needs a solution to ensure the security of their people and their environment. A secure building is a productive environment; occupants and assets are safe, data is available, risk is reduced and efficiency is maximized. It’s all possible with Access Control System

BMS Btech Switchgear provides leading edge access control solutions that combine innovative software and hardware with IP technology, as well as visualization and network capabilities, to help meet the security challenges in any size facility. Security Expert technology provides visualization and control of the entire building enterprise. It ensures building security systems perform precisely as intended. No interruptions. Building occupants are safe, assets are protected, information is available; risk is reduced and efficiency is maximized

Our Access Control System solution unites disparate applications of a security infrastructure to deliver a single, intelligent platform – one that ensures optimal security with clear, real-time actionable information that creates the most secure business environment possible

Through our Access Control System we offer:

Reliability Connectivity Mobility
Scalability Regulatory Compliance Enterprise-wide Integration

Our Access Control System not only unites all components of a security infrastructure, it seamlessly integrates with other building management systems including lighting, energy management, and IT to deliver significant efficiencies across the enterprise. Various integration suites are available out of the box to significantly improve business processes and enhance workplace efficiency

EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

Faced with increased security risks, big data, as well as CAPEX and OPEX challenges, security managers need the access control solutions Security Expert delivers


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