Building Management System


A Building Management System (BMS) is supervision way by a central computer system, managing a large number of parameters and functions from data sent by sensors in large structures. It provides enhanced security infrastructure and economic management of energy

BMS enables the remote control of a set of automated equipment in large buildings and / or industrial facilities. The management information system collects varied data :

Alarms States   Measures  Ventilation  Power System Fire System 

These multi-directional flows are managed through a single interface. The data are used to initiate preventive maintenance, condition monitoring facilities or establish operating statistics. With this information, the more reliable BMS facilities by improving their profitability

A BMS system consists of a computer workstation with software management Supervision / Hyper-vision, a secure network hubs assembling the management station and multiple controllers hubs gathering information equipment closer to the building Axiom Concept offers devices supervision, metering and computer supporting their operations based on the collection, processing and tracking of technical and media data. That information gathering is completed by a distribution tool and centralizing information on the network 


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