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lighting control system

Lighting Control System are a key tool in controlling energy use inside your buildings. A lighting control system allows for flexibility in the utilization of your internal space. It helps building owners achieve energy savings and energy code compliance with sensors that are easy to select, install and commission. Employing passive infrared (PIR), ultrasonic and dual technology to accurately detect occupancy and control lighting loads, occupancy sensors automatically shut-off lighting in unoccupied areas -eliminating waste, reducing energy costs and meeting code requirements

A lighting control system allows for flexibility in the utilization of internal space. Regular and rapid changes in the use of buildings, and increasing expectations regarding comfort and performance, mean that lighting installations must be able to evolve to meet the requirements of an expanding business, or be easily adapted to suit new tenants. BMS Btech Switchgear helps building owners not only comply with energy codes, but they also maximize energy savings

Adaptive Technology: This technology employs advanced algorithms to achieve convenient energy savings and reduced lamp and ballast maintenance.

Integral light level sensors maximize energy savings in day-lit areas by holding off artificial lighting when adequate natural light is available.

Lighting Solutions from BMS Btech Switchgear meet the needs of building users and owners by:

  • Reducing installation and operating costs
  • Providing greater flexibility in the use of building space


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