Motor Control Centers


BMS Btech Switchgear offers a wide array of high quality and expertly manufactured Control and Process panels for industrial use. All of our control panels can be manufactured up to IP66 (in steel or stainless steel cabinets) and are available to with full documentation (i.e. arrangement drawings, part lists, wiring diagrams, instructions, etc.)

Together with international electrical suppliers (Schneider Electric, ABB and Rockwell), Bin Ghalib Engineering is able to offer a total automation solution with PLC, operator panels and communication interface to the control system.


  • Motor Control Centers
  • Fixed & Draw out
  • Conventional & Intelligent
  • Pump Control Panels with
    • Conventional D O L Wye delta
    • Auto Transformer Starters
    • Thyristor Control Soft Starters
    • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Instrumentation Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Air Handling Unit/ Air Conditioning Panels
  • Chiller Sequence Control Panel

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Modular System

An Absolute Modular form of construction favors high Flexibility and customized Integrated System Solutions possible.Being a completely modular system any configuration of Distribution Switchboards, Motor Control Centers, Control Switchboards is possible, with easy extensions, maintenance and assembly reducing the time factor and quick delivery.

Control gear System achieves the highest safety standards: 

  • Personal protection by arc control
  • Assembly protection by arc barriers
  • Thermographic inspection areas
  • Mechanical safety interlocks
  • IP20 internal protection

Personal & Product Safety

Unique Ventilation Ducts – To avoid any harmful injury to product and person our system provides unique independent explosion ventilation ducts, accessible to all functional units. These ducts allows the over pressure and ionized gases gathered due to some arc fault inside the chamber, escape out through the chimney provided on the top of switchboard.

Cladding system provides the most robust flexible system available:

  • High strength 5 bend profile
  • 2mm Aluzinc material
  • Modular in 3 axes
  • Doors in 1.5mm or 2.0mm
  • IP44 standard(IP54 optional)
  • Special colours available
  • Customized cut-out’s

Unique Busbar System

The specially designed Bus bar System is capable of carry­ing current up to 8500A duly type tested to withstand a fault level up to 130 kA for 1 sec.The Bus bar System incorpo­rates a 2/3/4 bar per phase arrangement, both horizontal and vertical, eliminating time consuming work of drilling and bending the copper bars Internal Arc barriers are also available.

Versatile Internal Segregation

The modular system comes in FORM 1 to FORM 48 with different levels of segregation between the functional unit and the Busbar section depending on the type of application. The degree of safety increases with the choice of a higher FORM of Switchboards.

Spacious Cable Section  The system provides enough space for cables which leads towards easy, effective and economic installation.