The new PIC valves act as combined balance and control valves, allowing end users and installers to benefit from improved system balancing, and ensuring better comfort control in all zones. Through the use of these valves, a reduction in total energy consumption can be achieved through the minimization of coil overflows and hunting

The valves have an adjustable maximum flow rate, which is set by hand using the supplied ‘flow-pre-setting tool’. Once set, a proportional actuator will regulate the valve flow rate to any point between 0 and 100% of this pre-set flow. Alternatively, without an actuator, the valves can be operated as an automatic balancing valve for flow limiting applications

Key features of the new Pressure Independent Control Valves include:

Simple flow pre-setting – pre-setting tool supplied with each valve adjusts the desired maximum flow rate

Differential pressure controller – an integrated differential pressure controller maintains a constant differential pressure across the valve to regulate the flow independent of any system pressure fluctuations

Direct flow measuring – integrated Venturi nozzles enable direct and precise flow measurement using a manometer or a hand held electronic flow meter, ensuring the desired flow rate can then be set to an accuracy of ± 3 per cent

Full control authority – within the working pressure range of the valve, the actuator has full control authority regardless of the flow presetting, to provide highly predictable and stable control of the downstream flow

Removable flow cartridge – The valve cartridge can be removed and the valve capped using the pre-setting tool, to allow for unrestricted flushing of pipework

The valves are paired with the MP200 proportional actuators and MP140 on/off actuators in sizes DN15 to DN32 and the AVU actuators on DN40 and DN50 valves

“The new range of Schneider Electric PIC valves have been designed to minimize commissioning time and reduce costs, bringing benefits at both the construction and operational phases of the building. Building owners and managers gain advantages through faster building completion and ultimately reduced costs. They also give scope for reducing the impact of late changes in building design, thanks to the multi-function capabilities of our PIC Valve range. This makes them a superb fit for systems integrators and mechanical engineers,” said Mike Hicks, offer marketing manager at Schneider Electric


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